Friday, 25 May 2012

ed - procedure done

attachment at ed was superb compare to now at medical dep. bohhhsannnnn. huhu =(

sepanjang 6minggu tu i've given chances to do certain procedure. mula2 mmg xberani buat but i need to do it now or later kn.. at least i'm trying. 

1) insert branula

                                              types of branula. different colors different size.

insert branula or doc orders to 'set line'. fx to push in fluid n medicine in line.

2) taking blood

taking blood for lab investigation

3) wound dressing

wound dressing or 'cuci luka'.
 this is bed sore of pt with diabetes mellitus. pic from google. but i do it real. 

after dressing the wound then cover it with bandage.
luka dicuci dgn sterile water/ normal saline/ iodine. 

4) given ATT injection

ATT- anti toxoid tetanus. 
given to pt that exposed to wound. this is to provide immunity protection n prevent them from 'kancing gigi' or lockjaw.

5) eye irrigation

procedure done to remove foreign bodies in eyes. 

6) ear syringe

procedure done to remove foreign bodies in ears. such as ear wax blockage.

7) T&S (toilet n suture)

suture the open laceration wound. need a very technical creativity. 

8) intubation

this procedureis as an alternative way of correcting pt airway n breathing. 
usually done for critical pt in resussitation. i practically learn on doing it but not in real pt. 

masa mula2 attach dkt ed ni suma procedure ni xtau n ada xpnah dgar pn. tp skrg dh tauuuu.. ramai yg sudi mmbntu n ajar buat all the procedure. thanks. 

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