Sunday, 4 March 2012

professional essential ecg course

hy everyone!

today i had attend 'professional essential ecg course'. from 8am till 5pm. sgt penat coz smalm smpat tido 4hours je.hhuuhu. i need more xtra sleep. but this course is very useful n helpful for me as i will go for my internship next month.
eventho this course kna bayar, i think it is reasonable with the knowledge i gain today.
its priceless ! actual price is rm 220 tau. mhal kn. tp adala discount for us. hihi. almost 200 student yg attend td.
they provide us expert from IJN, Dr. RUDY WEE. he's good n very down to earth.

what this course is all about?

1. it is about electrocardiography. or known as ECG. it is the test that records the electrical activity of the heart. one of human main and important organ.

2. we learn n being exposed about the ECG. on how to read the ECG strip, and practically we learn how to set up wires and electrodes on the patients' body. bkn blh maen letak je tau.

haa..mcm ni. kna tau on which part nk kna letak electrodes. 
then, the machine will read n print out the ECG strip.
 doctor will enterpret the result and from that they will know which part of the heart that having problems.

this one is a normal ECG for a healthy person. 
if the ECG reading is not in this shape then it must me something wrong with the heart of that person.

3. besides, with this ECG strip we also learn how to calculate heart rate n heart rhythm of the patient. whether it is normal or abnormal heart rate, regular or irregular heart rhythm.

4. we also had an oppurtunity to practice it. IT WAS A GOOD EXPERIENCE FOR ME. we have a real subject for practical session. 

after all, we finished this course with smile =) and we too receive a ..

deep inside, i'm so glad that i signed up for this ECG course. it was highly and really beneficial and resourceful. hopefully i 'll have the chances to participate again in intermediate n advance level of ECG !

xtra notes :
  • for those who have parents which having heart problem, please do take extra care of them. pleaseee.! 
  • if they complain that they have a chest pain with heavy sweating plus numbness in the arm, please immediately brings them to the hospital. don't ever wait! it is the sign n symptoms for HEART diseases.

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