Wednesday, 25 July 2012

puding roti with custard cream

salam ramadhan.
pejam celik dh 5 hr puasa dh. 

so as i.m a fully unemployed ;) hehe i think i need to do some suri rumah work lah 
or else nnt ttnya2 sniri 2bulan cuti buat apa ya? haa kn diri sniri xtau nk jwb.. 

i've plan to make or 'learn to make' dessert or cookies or cakes or lauk2. hhehe..bnyakk kn nk buat. haha ok . planned 1 by 1 lah.

today my first dessert IS....



ni lah hasilnya after baked.

bahan-bahan :
8 keping roti
2 cup susu segar
4 sudu besar gula
2 sudu butter (cairkan)
2 biji telur
1 sudu esen vanila
1 sudu tepung jagung and
kismis sesuka hati.

cara-cara :

1. campurkan susu segar, gulam butter, telur, esen vanilla and tepung. gaul smpai sebati.

2. carik2 kan roti dalam acuan. dan taburkan kismis.

3. curahkan campuran 1 td ke dalam acuan. biarkan menyerap.

4. bakarkan selama 20-25 minit. (180 *C)

for custard cream.
masakkan 1tin susu cair,gula garam secukup rasa dan 2 sudu tepung custard. tu je. sng kn..

nak lg sedap serve with apple asam boi..
mmg sedap.

selamat mencuba =)

Friday, 20 July 2012

daisypath count

our lovely date.

we have been together for

6 years and 3 month.

pasti ada pasang surut in 
relationship kn. =) 
just pray for the best.
and hope everything goes well..

Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you.
 They are not perfect but are always perfect for you. 

welcoming ramadhan

holy ramadhan is just about to come. 
this year i.m almost 22. alhamdullilah giving chance to meet ramadhan again.
may this ramadhan be a month of blessing, 
full of forgiveness and guidence for me, family and all beloved.

selamat berpuasa dan bertarawikh.
-spiritual purification-

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

dearly missed them soon


gonna leave s.alam tomorow. 
longgg holiday before entering another phase.
enjoy puasa + raya = kt rumah..hihi

the end of my 1st degree. 
viva done.
thesis submited. 
waiting for graduation =) excited..haha

and will missed my dearly friend soon.
take care everyone.
see u in september ! hopefully.

our SCHOOL =)

si cantik dan comel. syikin, tika, anis, ila, ili n kak janna =)

wawa n d geng Star.
 will missed anis husna lah nnt.

with anis nd wanis senget =P

kak janna =)

beloved classmate.

beloved uni.

see u soon !!
take care everyone.