Thursday, 8 March 2012

got call from bangalore =0 hihi

xmimpi ok.
got call from my super hensem beloved mentor.
he's now at bangelore, india.
called around 6pm td.
ingatkn sapelah kol kn. no pnjang2 pulak.
sbb apa dia kol eh? guess??
over-excited pulak kn.
he's asking me if i'm interested nk join international study trip to sri lanka on 16 till 21 march.
co-trip with student medic kt ims/msu sana.
just byar rm600 for 2-way ticket. murah kn.
yg laen provided.
huhu. unfortunately xdpt join. 
sbb bnyak sgt222 perkara yg patut n mesti didahulukan skrg ni rightly after exam.
no cuti2 again.

nk kna siapkn ni bfore going back kedah !
1) my questionnaire survey for thesis xabis collect lg. huhu
2) ada first aid course.
3) kna attend spss program.
4) internship pre-briefing.
5) kna kemas all barang2 kt umah ni lg.

wish me luck! nk kna ngadap suma ni.
instead dpt pegi bcuti mesti best kn..huuhuhu


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