Tuesday, 17 July 2012

dearly missed them soon


gonna leave s.alam tomorow. 
longgg holiday before entering another phase.
enjoy puasa + raya = kt rumah..hihi

the end of my 1st degree. 
viva done.
thesis submited. 
waiting for graduation =) excited..haha

and will missed my dearly friend soon.
take care everyone.
see u in september ! hopefully.

our SCHOOL =)

si cantik dan comel. syikin, tika, anis, ila, ili n kak janna =)

wawa n d geng Star.
 will missed anis husna lah nnt.

with anis nd wanis senget =P

kak janna =)

beloved classmate.

beloved uni.

see u soon !!
take care everyone.

1 comment:

  1. ehem-ehem...... selamat berpuasa... hehehe.. dah masuk hari ke-3 dah.... =)